There are a number of teaching resources connected with my textbook, GIS: A Computing Perspective, available on the book website: These resources include lecture slides to accompany the book.

I have also made available four practicals from my Spatial Databases course. These are free for general access and use on a Creative Commons Attribution License (in short, you may share and adapt this work, as long as you provide some acknowledgement or attribution to this source). I am grateful to Martin Tomko for assistance with the original development of these labs.

Invited courses

I taught a short course at the Institute for Geoinformatics (IfGI), University of Münster on Sensor-Enabled Spatial Computing (SESC) in the Winter Semester in October 2006. Resources for this course may be found on the SESC course web page.

I taught another short course at the National University of Colombia (UNC) in Bogota on Programming with databases and GIS in July 2007.