Current PhD Student Projects

Yaguang Tao

Actively working on movement data analytics, specifically with checkpoint movement data where movement is observed at fixed locations. A series of work has been done in that area including designing a generic data model to accommodate a variety of checkpoint movement data[2]; the value of checkpoint movement data has also been discussed[1]. The vision is to realise the full potential of checkpoint movement data and make the analytics process approachable.

Find a list of Yaguang’s publications here.

Mohammad Kazemi Beydokhti

Currently, I’m working in the field of Geo Question Answering (GeoQA) systems and trying to figure out how could we translate spatial questions from non-expert GIS users into meaningful workflows as answers to those questions. Building a GeoQA system to answer specific types of spatial questions of a particular domain (e.g. Emergency Management or COVID crisis) would be our predicted final outcome.

Find a list of Mohammad’s publications here.

Amina Hossain

My main areas of research interest are location privacy, wayfinding, spatial algorithm, and data science. My current research is focusing on development of a wayfinding technique that leads to comfortable journey while people using indoor navigation services within indoor environment.

Find a list of Amina’s publications here.

Nenad Radosevic

My research looks at improvement of reproducibility and warrantability of environmental modelling  by applying an approach to scientific computing called scientific workflows. In my latest work scientific workflows explicitly capture and document all the steps involved in environmental modelling including transforming, aggregating, analysing and presenting scientific data together with facilitating integration of machine learning for transparent and accountable parameter setting decision support.“

Find a list of Nenad’s publications here.