Current Major Funded Projects

Nexus Phase 2: Explainable and Unified Spatial Reasoning and Sensor Fusion, The Defence Science and Technology group- Department of Defence,

2020-2022, Prof Matt Duckham, Prof Allison Kealy, A/Prof Flora Salim, Snr Research Fellow Maria Vasardani, Prof William Moran, Jelena Gabela, Shakila Khan Rumi

The deluge of data from diverse physics-based and human sensors is creating new opportunities for more timely and accurate intelligence for answering “where” and “when” questions. The NEXUS project aims to realise these opportunities, by developing the fundamental theoretical advances and practical techniques needed to unify high-and low-level fusion of uncertain spatial and spatiotemporal data, using combined quantitative Bayesian and qualitative spatial reasoning.

Past Major Funded Projects

  • RISER: Resilient information systems for emergency response, Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
    • 2012-2016, $510K AUD, A/Prof Matt Duckham, Dr Allison Kealy, Prof William Moran, Dr Kevin Tolhurst, A/Prof Christian Vecchiola, Dr Andrew Rawlinson, Prof Larry Smarr, Dr Sarah Harris, Dr Juerg von Kaenel.
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  • From environmental monitoring to management: extracting knowledge about environmental events from sensor data, Australian Research Council Discovery Projects
    • 2012-2015, $360K AUD, A/Prof Matt Duckham, Dr Allison Kealy, Dr Kai-Florian Richter, A/Prof Stephan Winter, Mr Stuart Kininmonth, Asst Prof Alexander Klippel, Dr Patrick Laube, Mr Jarod Lyon, Dr David Medyckyj-Scott, Dr Tim Wark.
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  • Artificial intelligence meets wireless sensor networks: Filling the gaps between sensors using spatial reasoning, Australian Research Council Discovery Projects
    • 2012-2015, $320K AUD, A/Prof Jochen Renz, A/Prof Matt Duckham, A/Prof Sanjiang Li.
  • Talking about place: tapping human knowledge to enrich national spatial data sets, Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
    • 2010-2013, $300K AUD, A/Prof Stephan Winter, Dr Matt R Duckham, A/Prof Timothy J Baldwin, Dr Allison N Kealy, Dr Lawrence Cavedon, A/Prof Lesley F Stirling, A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard.
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  • Internet of Things testbed for creating a smart city, Australian Research Council LIEF Projects
    • 2012–2013, $270K AUD, Palaniswami, Mendis, Taylor, Chung, Pathirana, Buyya, Leckie, Duckham, Nandagopa.
  • Ambient spatial intelligence: Spatial analysis and event detection in environmental geosensor networks, Australian Research Council, Future Fellowships
    • 2009-2013, $686K AUD, Dr Matt Duckham.
  • Automatic fusion of geoinformation: The intelligent geomediator architecture (iGMA), Australian Research Council Discovery Projects
    • 2006-2009, $160K AUD, Dr Matt Duckham.
  • CEWAY: Cognitively ergonomic wayfinding directions for location-based servicesAustralian Research Council Linkage Projects
    • 2005-2008, $205K AUD, Dr Stephan Winter, Dr Matt Duckham, Dr Lars Kulik